Baby Tjader's Journey

A life undefined by pPROM, prematurity and Cerebral Palsy.

About pPROM July 6, 2010

Rather than spell out the many complicated aspects of pPROM, I’ll summarize as best I can and provide a link to a support group website that has more information. There isn’t a lot of research on this condition and what little there is, is very outdated.

pPROM is the rupturing (tearing or breaking open) of the membranes (amiotic sac) before 37 weeks of pregnancy, which typically leads to early delivery. There’s no explanation for why this happens, although some research indicates infection and inflammation are a primary cause. I’d been having a very normal, healthy, uneventful pregnancy up until last week, so it will remain a mystery as to why this happened to me or if it will happen again.

Many women go into labor within a week of rupture, however others are able to make it to 34 weeks, when most doctors, including mine, will induce because of concerns about infection, etc. I’m told that my early rupture at 18w1d actually betters my chances for later delivery.

The loss of amniotic fluid could lead to major complications for the baby, including poor lung development to support breathing once they are born, and physical deformations.

Having said that, there are many women who go on to deliver babies who, after several weeks in the NICU, go home strong and healthy. There is hope! That is why I’m on STRICT bedrest (I’ll tell you what that’s been like in another post) with daily goals to ward off infection and drink about a gallon of water! Although I will continue to lose fluid, the more I drink, the more baby pees, and the more fluid baby produces. Right now, it’s all about getting that baby to urinate!!!

Here’s a link for more information.


One Response to “About pPROM”

  1. unknown Says:

    I just read your story and was very touched by it just because my family can relate. My sister was having a CVS done at 12 wks when every womens nightmare comes true. They broke her water. To make a very long story short, they told her the baby would never make it and my sister carried my neice to 34 wks leaking fluid and only being hospitalized for I think a month. I know have a perfectly healthy 4 yo niece. Miracles do happen! Good luck with your journey and you’ll be in my prayers.

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