Baby Tjader's Journey

A life undefined by pPROM, prematurity and Cerebral Palsy.

Look who’s sitting! January 31, 2012

Filed under: Photo/video updates — Aimee @ 7:46 pm


3 Responses to “Look who’s sitting!”

  1. Sheri Says:

    I would love to see this, but the link is not working??? Maybe just my computer…..

  2. Sheri Says:

    yay! She is making GREAT progress! She sure keeps her eye on Russell….soon enough he won’t be able to get away! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Mom Says:

    I just saw this, Sissy!! How cute is she!!!/??? She is way more interested in Russell than the elephant toy!! And look at her sitting like a big girl. She is REALLY doing well with that. It is so fun to watch her doing all those things at once. Really puts things into a different light and she is handling it all with ease. ((Sitting, keeping track of the dog, pushing buttons, saying “hi”, And, I swear, if she gets any cuter we will have to start bragging a little!!! ;0)))
    Love you,

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