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Welcome to therapy January 9, 2012

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Welcome to your first day of therapy. This letter, which you will no doubt sign, holds you responsible for nearly $20k should your insurance company decide to not cover the expense. Even though said insurance company has already given prior authorization for therapy, sometimes they change their minds. They are pretty much allowed to do whatever they want even though you pay a lot of money for “coverage.” If a $20k bill does indeed come your way, the probability of bankruptcy and financial distress will be uber worth it considering the best possible chance you are giving that cute lil bug.

Yours truly,
Children’s Hospitals & Clinics of MN


2 Responses to “Welcome to therapy”

  1. Vickie Blanchette Says:

    This crap drives me nuts!!! I just listened to a coversation that a neurosurgeon was having with a radio station regarding the Obama Health care Plan. The neurosurgeon had just attended a converence in Washington, DC and was told that anyone age 70 and above would not receive life saving care from neurosurgery (stroke, brain bleed, etc) without approval of a ethics panel made up of administrators, not doctors. So if someone age 70 has a stroke it is unlikely that approval would be granted in time to save the patient from dire results of the brain injury. And if the patient comes into the emergency room at 3 am, those “ethic” panels would not get out of bed to make any decisions. Essentially, physicians would be required to provide “comfort care” to these patients instead of available life-saving procedures/emergency surgery, etc….. Now….just ask yourself how many people you may know that are 70 or older that are ready to give up on life!!! This is a broken system. 😦

    That lil’ bug of yours deserves only the BEST!!!!!

  2. Frannie Tjader Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with your mom! This country has a terrible health care system. Lila does deserve the absolute BEST, and she will get it!

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