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MRI, but no answers October 6, 2011

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The week following her birthday, Lila had a MRI of her brain and neck. The main reason for the test was to rule out any problems in the neck that could be causing Lila’s head tilt. The neurologist also thought it would be good to have an MRI in her file — I guess to have something to compare with if she should ever need another one. I had major reservations about doing the test. In the month before the scheduled MRI, Lila’s head tilt all of a sudden went away one day. When she was tired it would reappear at times and there were three days where it was pretty bad, but other than that, her head control is under control. I didn’t want to put Lila through sedation just to have the images in her file. I needed to be convinced, so I called the neuro’s office several days before the MRI. An office staffer — not the doctor — called back to say he thinks we should go forward with it, because the head tilt could come back and we want to make sure everything is anatomically correct in the neck. In my heart, I knew her neck was fine.

We checked into Children’s Hospital at 7:30 a.m. The parking ramp, the walk through the skyway, past the gift shop, the smell of the hand sanitizer was all too familiar. We checked in at security and they even printed my badge using the picture they’d taken of me the day after Lila was born. Eh, not pretty! The worst part for Lila was getting an IV in her hand. I held her while she cried and two nurses poked her with the needle and wrapped it up so she couldn’t pull at it. We were with Lila right up until the started the procedure and then we had to leave. It was awful. Ten seconds after they administered the anesthesia medication, her tiny body went limp in my arms and she fell asleep. I kissed her and laid her on the table — that massive MRI machine.

An hour later, Lila was already waking up, but still a little groggy. She did great and although I was so sad for her, I enjoyed the extra cuddle time as she slowly woke up. We were taken to recovery where I rocked her in the same style of chair I did when she was in the NICU. The beeps of the same monitors and the hustle and bustle of the nurses was a bit paralyzing for me. “Can we go yet? Yes, she is drinking milk, she’s fine, can we go?” And within 20 minutes, we were back home and back on schedule. For Lila it was like nothing ever happened and she went right back to her cute happy self.

Meanwhile, I got on the phone with the neurologist’s office to find out results. “Overall, good news. Normal neck and spine and no changes to the brain from the previous ultrasounds.” But I had a few more basic questions and the woman on the phone didn’t have the answers. She’d check with the neuro and get back to me, but it would have to wait until Monday. Annoyed, but fine, I can wait until Monday and spend the weekend thinking about it.

Next time I’ll tell you about the second most insulting and offensive thing I’ve ever been told to do by a doctor … and what I did about it.


2 Responses to “MRI, but no answers”

  1. Chloe Says:

    Hello, Aimee! My name is Chloe. I am a new PPROM girl, and I have discovered your story among all the searching I have been doing this past week. I ruptured at 20w6d, and my little baby is still holding on…I am 21w6d today. Of course the doctors gave me the same story they gave you and the other women out there in our situation, but I refused to give up on my baby when he/she is still fighting. I just wanted to let you know how incredibily wonderful you and your family are. Lila is soooo beautiful. I am in awe…I find myself just staring at her in the Youtube videos and this blog. You all are so very brave! I find hope when I read your story and look at the pictures. I thank God I found your family! Thank you so much for documenting your life during this difficult time. It really has helped me and my family have hope!

    Thanks again,

    • Aimee Says:

      Hi Chloe! I’m glad you found the blog and that it has been a source of informaiton/inspiration for you. That’s why I keep writing! Feel free to find me on Facebook and we can talk more: Aimee Tjader. I’ll be pulling for you! Miracles do happen. Just hang in there!

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