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NICU reunion June 4, 2011

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We went to the Baby Steps 3k/NICU Reunion for Children’s Hospitals and Clinics Minnesota. It was a fantastic event and I’m so happy that we decided to go. We were hoping to run into Lila’s nurses and doctors. Ironically, the only nurse we saw was the one we REALLY didn’t like and asked for her to be removed from Lila’s care team. Awkward, yes. I give her a lot of credit for going to the event and have been questioning my opinions about her ever since.

We saw one of Lila’s doctors, but didn’t get a chance to talk to her, because she was swarmed by people and Tyler had to get to work. Dr. Nina Perdue is solely responsible for Lila getting out of the hospital when she did and being allowed to come home with an NG tube vs. a G-tube. It was the difference between surgery or not and Nina trusted us enough to take care of the NG tube and give Lila a chance to prove she didn’t need a tube surgically placed in her tummy.

We decorated a card with Lila’s picture, which will be used to make a quilt that will hang outside the NICU. We ate a great lunch, took lots of pictures and enjoyed a warm sunny morning as a family. These are things we’ve waited a long time to do, so now that we finally get to experience IT ALL, we try to make the most of every moment. There was an isolette set up with preemie-size diapers and socks and it was crazy to see all that again. We perched Lila on top of the glass and she flashed her signature toothless grin. Here’s a peak at the day:

Enjoying her stroller "big-girl" style!

At the starting line ready to walk!

Taking a break for breakfast.

Lila's square for the NICU quilt.

Look how far she's come!

She doesn't appear to have an PTSD from seeing the isolette, but I sure do!


3 Responses to “NICU reunion”

  1. Vickie Blanchette Says:

    I’m so proud of you guys♥♥♥!!

  2. Frannie Says:

    We are very proud of you three! Love you all!!!

  3. Sheri Says:

    `·.¸ love this!!!!

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