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GI test a success March 3, 2011

Filed under: Lila,Updates — Aimee @ 10:10 am

Lila successfully passed her upper GI test this morning. I knew she would, but it’s reassuring to know that everything is anatomically correct. We still can’t figure out why Lila will only eat when she’s sleeping. The past few days, she’s gotten better, but she still has trouble getting into a rhythm when she’s awake. The most she’ll take awake is one ounce and it’s a struggle with lots of starts and stops. At least she’s not yelling at the bottle like she was before. I’m hopeful she’ll grow out of this, but in the meantime, I’ll follow-up with the feeding clinic at Children’s and I’ve also asked an occupational therapist to come to the house and work with us.


4 Responses to “GI test a success”

  1. Mom Tjader Says:

    This is great news, and love, love, love the photos!

  2. Martha Says:

    So glad to hear that it went well early this morning. Looks like the smiling Tjaders deserve a nap today.

  3. Great news. And so glad it went so smoothly. Perhaps we should have had ours done at Children’s instead of HCMC. They gave the barium through a feeding tube and then had Crosby strapped to a board that he was rotated on while the xray was taking pictures.

    Maybe she just needs a different dosage or different medicine. Crosby is on 2.5mls of Omeoprezole (sp?) and that seems to be working. He still occasionally spits up (like this morning, in my hair) but nowhere near as much or as frequently.

    I also have to comment on how different Lila looks these days, she is growng into her chubby jowls and they are more like chubby cheeks! I didnt think she could get much cuter, but I was so wrong! Totally adorable.

  4. Mom Says:

    I’m so glad that all went well and I’m so proud of the three of you. Love the hat…..and is that a smile I see on the x-ray table??? What a champ!!!

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