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Baby Beluga February 20, 2011

Filed under: Lila,Updates — Aimee @ 2:03 pm

I took a bath with Lila last week for the first time and now I need an intervention. As the clock ticks toward 6 p.m. all I can think about is my next fix complete with bubbles, dimmed lights and one seriously happy baby. Ok, so I don’t bath with her every day, but almost. Lila loves her baths anyway, but now that I’ve joined her she looks forward to them almost as much as I do. Last week, she laughed for the first time — in the bathtub. Melt.

Baths aside, Lila is doing quite well. My only complaint is that feeding her continues to be a constant struggle. Some days are better than others, but overall, she’s a very difficult baby to feed. At her last appointment, the doctor noticed she was beginning to fall off of the growth curve for weight, so he suggested we wake her in the middle of the night for a feeding. How ironic that we have a baby who sleeps through the night, yet we have to wake her up. Babies are “supposed” to take in 2.5-3x their body weight. For Lila, that would be 26.25 to 31.25 ounces. Since we’ve been waking her, she’s still only taking in 22 to 27 ounces a day. Not bad, but not great.

My main concern is that Lila prefers to be asleep or nearly sleeping for all of her feedings. If she’s hungry and I try to feed her, she arches her back and SCREAMS! So I have to calm her down, give her the pacifier and wait until she’s nearly asleep to give her the bottle. It’s quite the bait-and-switch process. The doctor knows about my concern and says this can be a sign of reflux, but not to be concerned, every baby has some reflux. I remain worried and concerned. I am considering taking her to the feeding clinic at Children’s Hospital, but will probably wait until her six-month appointment to see if things improve and see what her pediatrician recommends.

I also went out and bought my own baby scale. A home health nurse showed up yesterday from Children’s and her scale showed that Lila had only gained 3 ounces in 8 days. Normal weight gain would be 4 to 8 ounces in 8 days. I’m frustrated that every time a nurse comes, it’s someone different with a different scale. I also don’t think it’s necessary for these nurses to continue coming once-a-week just for weight checks. Yesterday I had to ask the nurse to put on gloves before administering Lila’s Synagis shot. Some of them lack the kind of professionalism you want to see in someone caring for your child. They wear jeans instead of scrubs. Yesterday’s nurse wore her hair long with a dirty hair tie wrapped around her wrist and a dirty purse slung over her shoulder as she examined my baby. I guess I could bring up my concerns to the hospital — and probably will — but instead of being the mother who’s constantly complaining about these things, I would rather take matters into my own hands, hence the baby scale purchase. Now there’s no need for the weekly nurse visits, unless I request one. By the way, my scale showed a 5.5 ounce increase in 8 days, which is well within normal limits.

These feeding issues drive me crazy some days. Feedings are supposed to be enjoyable by both baby and mom. Half the time they are not and I get frustrated. I cry. Lila gets frustrated. She cries. This is where those baths come in handy. We both forget about that damn bottle for a few minutes and enjoy our time together in the warm water. I think we have a water baby on our hands, folks. Oh, the irony. The baby who grew inside me without amniotic fluid loves to be surrounded by water. Go figure.

Time for another bath …


3 Responses to “Baby Beluga”

  1. Hi Aimee!

    I completely understand your frustrations. Looking back Marissa and Leslie were my easy babys when it comes to feeding and yes that includes all the struggles with Marissa being a preemie. Zane and Broden were and are very difficult to feed. Both have pretty bad reflux. Zane was much worse than Broden. It drove me nuts and was very disgusting to be walking Zane to the swing or crib and all of a sudden there was a loud waterfall sounding splash and my wood floors were COVERED in spit up, hitting so hard it splattered across the room! UGH!!! Broden is icky too, but not as bad. Nights seem excruciating for him as his belly turns rock hard and he screams and arches his back and kicks and is not happy at all. He will only sleep in his swing during the night but when he does fall asleep he sleeps for about 6 hours, sometimes more. Because of all this our Dr. has him taking Ranitidine syrup. It helps a little and I can tell when he hasn’t taken it. I also think Broden’s recent fussiness has a lot to do with teething. Talk to your Dr. about trying ranitidine, it might help! Good Luck sweetie!

  2. Mom Says:

    You have the cutest darn little girl ever!!!!! ♥♥♥♥
    Here’s to taking baby bubble baths and floating
    in warm water. I love your writings!!
    Love you,

  3. Sara Says:

    Aimee – I have been trying to catch up on my blog readings and so glad to come to yours and find such a cute post with pictures of you darling Lila. I love that you are taking baby baths with her. It always seems they have more fun in the bath when they get more water and are supported more with us, doesn’t it? And it is very ironic that she enjoys the water so much after spending so much time in utero without any! =)

    So glad you went and bought a baby scale. And I would for sure say something about the unprofessionalism you are having with the home nurses. They should be practicing the same professionalism they would have as if you were in an office. The boys actually ended up have different baby nurses since they came home at separate times and Kameron’s wasn’t up to my standards but Kaleb’s was perfect. So I ended up calling the Home Nurse Company telling them that I no longer wanted separate nurses and that I just wanted Kaleb’s nurse to do the care for both of them. Which worked out great. I hope you can figure it out since we are trying to keep our little ones germ free and it would make me a nervous wreck thinking that the nurse was passing germs …

    Like I told you on facebook we have had some minor feeding issues nothing seems comparable to what you are going though. I would also like to add that Kaleb had huge feeding problems before we left the hospital. Which if we figured it out sooner he might have been discharged before 100 days. .. but they did a Swallow Test on him and his issues ended up being he had really bad Reflux and once they put him on some different medicines and thickened his breast milk with the Enfamil AR he was eating like a champ. Is Lila on any reflux medicine? Kaleb was put on Zantac and then Mylata Supreme.

    Good Luck and BIG HUGS from St. Louis, MO!
    (sorry for the long comment)

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