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New year, new outlook January 7, 2011

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2011 couldn’t have gotten a much better start for the Tjader Family. Lila is doing incredibly well. Everyone told me things would start to fall into place and we/she’d find our happy place. Of course, I didn’t believe any of you. Things would never settle down. I’d have a fussy baby for all of eternity. The house wouldn’t unpack itself. Enough sleep would never be had. And our sweet Lila would be hooked up to wires and dependent on medication forever. Turns out I was wrong about EVERYTHING!

First of all, Lila turned a corner with the Colic and I’m happy to report it’s GONE! Just like magic, just like everyone said. I credit this to either nature taking its course and Lila maturing, or our move to Lila’s earlier bedtime. Whatever it was, it’s amazing. Our happy, content, sweet-demeanor, well-adjusted baby is back.

Speaking of bedtimes, Lila is quite the little sleeper lately. After our routine of bath and/or massage, breathing treatment, music and a bottle, Lila falls asleep around 8 p.m. and sleeps THROUGH THE NIGHT until 7 a.m.!!!! We put her in her bed, drowsy but awake, and she puts herself to sleep. Most of the time. We’ve tried putting her to bed even earlier, but 8 p.m. seems to be her sweet spot. This newfound sleeping skill gives my husband and I a chance to reconnect after a long day. For that, we are both very thankful. I sure do miss him!

We just returned from the pulmonologist (lung doctor) and Lila checked out very very well. The doc almost seemed surprised at how well she’s doing. She was taken off of oxygen during the appointment and she kept her sats up the entire time! She could very well be ready to come off of oxygen completely, but the doc doesn’t want to push it that quickly. She was weaned from 1/4 liter of oxygen to 1/8 liter. In three weeks, she’ll have a sleep study done. If Lila’s in need of any supplemental oxygen, she’s going to show us that she needs it when she’s sleeping. The doc will see her a week after the sleep study and if she passed, we can all kiss that damn cannula goodbye! Until then, it’s good to know that Lila can be without her oxygen for awhile without being affected. If she’s off oxygen in a month, I’ll be ecstatic. That’s much quicker than I ever expected.

With the exception of her breathing treatments twice-a-day, she’s no longer on medication. Oh, except for a new one prescribed today for Thrush, which she may or may not have. Thrush is a very common finding in infants. It’s basically a yeast infection in the mouth. It appears as white, cottage-cheese-like spots. Lila does have some white spots, but most of it scrapes off indicating it could be breast milk. To play it safe, we’ll give her the meds and see if it disappears.

And as of today, Lila is officially free of her apnea monitor. So you see, all those things that I thought would never happen, are slowly happening one-by-one. Except for all of these damn boxes. They’re still not unpacking themselves!!!


4 Responses to “New year, new outlook”

  1. Sheri Says:

    Thanks for sharing some POSITIVE news today Aimee! I needed to see that! This is so great……I am so proud of you Lila, Mom & Dad! It will only get better…..I will keep praying for all of you…..continue your wellness in 2011!

  2. Mom Tjader Says:

    So much good news in one day! So good to hear and read. Need some help with those boxes? Be glad to do it! xoxo

  3. Shanda & Glen Says:

    Makes my heart feel so peaceful and happy to hear such wonderful Lila news. She is quite the little over-achiever! Maybe Bryson can get a tutor? As for you & Tyler, maybe you can capture a little couple time in the parenting midst – Glen & I still struggle with that perfect mix. As for the boxes- after three houses and 13 years, we still have four still packed- might as well save them for a golden anniversary time capsule, huh? See ahead of the game in one realm! Love you all three & so tickled for you and 2011’s start! S

  4. Harvey Tjader Says:

    Good to hear! I think you’ve taken the right approach. Some of the best wisdom I’ve carried with me came from Denise Mitten, director of Woodswomen, many years ago when she was telling how she helped “ordinary women achieve extraordinary things”: keep low expectations and celebrate every small achievement. Lila has already done that!

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