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Rotten pumpkin December 21, 2010

Filed under: Lila — Aimee @ 8:53 pm

Something sure to eventually induce insanity has been going on in the Tjader household recently. Lila turns into a pumpkin. Every night. For three hours. Her “witching hour” begins at 10 p.m. and winds down around 1 or 2 a.m., after she — and we — have reached the point of utter exhaustion.

“Sounds like Colic,” one of her doctors said recently. “There’s really nothing you can do. It should get better in a few months.”

A few months? After 13 weeks of bedrest and 10 weeks in the hospital with Lila, you’d think I’d have mastered the virtue of patience by now. Afterall, a few months is nothing! Not so. “I want to fix this … I mean, I NEED to fix this now and you’re telling me there’s no way to fix it? Great. Can I bring her back to the hospital and pick her up in a few months then?”

Of course I’m only joking. Sort of. Every night we watch this precious little girl wailing uncontrollably and I wonder what we’ve gotten ourselves into. Nothing works. Nothing. During Lila’s hospital stay, I was a very competent mother. I walked through those NICU doors at the end of it all feeling a little cocky, actually, knowing that my baby was a good-natured, very content baby. I “knew” my baby and having her home was going to be wonderful, joyful and any other happy “-ful” word you can think of. I was not prepared for her to start acting like a REAL baby!

Lila left the hospital a preemie and came home a newborn. It’s like the nurses flipped a switch in her and said, “So you think you can do our jobs, do you? Go ahead and try!” I concede. I know nothing about parenting. Certainly there are happier times (just not between the hours of 10 p.m. and 1 a.m.). In fact, I go to bed at night after negotiating with my three-month-old for three hours, fall asleep and have nightmares about becoming pregnant again. I wake up thinking, “Noooooooo!!!” I hear my fellow pPROM moms have experienced a bit of this, too. Can you say, “Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome?” But then I wake up in the morning and bring Lila into bed with me, feed her and snuggle for an hour or two. She’s so cuddly and terrific in the morning. I must learn to become a morning person.

Here’s to the end of 2010 and hoping that 2011 brings quieter bedtimes. 🙂


3 Responses to “Rotten pumpkin”

  1. Hi Aimee!!

    Marissa was the same way, the minute I brought her home colic kicked in and she wailed constantly, if she wasn’t nursing, she was bawling..nope, take that back, shrieking! Talk to your Dr. and see if Lila can try gripe water, I think its made by Mommy’s bliss. It’s all natural and its over the counter. It helps with gassy, colicky babies. If that doesn’t help ask for some ranitadine, its a prescription and has the same effect of tums. Also try taking Lila to a chiropractor that specializes in pregnancy, infants and children. You would not believe how much an adjustment can help, which surprisingly is basically a massage and a few bumps from the actuator? I think thats what its called. It will really help Lila. She most likely has A LOT of subluxations from all the “trauma” of birth, medical procedures and stress. My chiropractor used to live in the cities, I can ask her for a good recommendation if you want. I wish you all the luck in the world as I have been in your shoes and it flat out SUCKS!! , but this too shall pass, hang in there!

  2. Carrie Says:

    We went through about 2 weeks of this with Cora. Hers was from about 7pm-10pm of inconsolable crying when she was about a month old. I never really came up with anything that would make her stop, except I would go in the bathroom, shut the lights off, and turn on the faucet full blast, and then do the classic sway/bounce mommy move. This calmed her *some of the time.
    I just wanted to tell you hang in there, hopefully it is a very temporary thing!
    I remember another friend of mine said the sound of the hair dryer soothed her inconsolable babe. (the gripe water helped for them too)
    Happy Holidays to you, Tyler and Lila!

  3. london Says:

    oh, that is not fun. we went through the same thing. we paced a path trough the house with lydia in a baby sling. one other thing that sometimes worked was swaddling her up tight and laying her on top of the dryer while it was running. she liked the vibration. or there’s always a ride in the car…. good luck, sweetie. it will pass. really.

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