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A life undefined by pPROM, prematurity and Cerebral Palsy.

NICU Day 22 October 6, 2010

Filed under: Lila — Aimee @ 3:05 pm

Today the doctor said Lila was getting boring! Just what I like to hear! Of course she’s not boring to me, but I, too, revel in the fact that things have been relatively drama-free — at least when it comes to Lila — for awhile now. Knock on wood. She’s doing so well! She got the IV out of her scalp a few days ago. We gave her a sponge bath yesterday, which she totally loved, and have been getting lots of snuggle time in. She weighs 4lbs. 4 ounces now, so she’s getting weaned from her isolette. They just turn down the temp in there to see if she tolerates it. My guess is that she’ll be moved to a crib within a week. When they do that, as long as she’s still doing well, I think she’ll get transferred to the Infant Care Center. This is a big step, because babies in the ICC still require care, but not as intensively as in the NICU. She’s going to be home before we know it …

… Which means we need to find a new house!!! What a nightmare finding a place is. It’s tough to be out there looking at less-than-desirable rentals when I’d rather be at the hospital with her. Well I’m off to look at another house, then to the hospital. Here’s a couple of pictures taken this morning after being held for two hours. All tuckered out!


4 Responses to “NICU Day 22”

  1. Ma T Says:

    She is beautiful. All tuckered out from her visit with Mommy. Love the little bow! Keep it up Lila. Grandma Frannie is SO proud of you. Mommy and Daddy, too. xoxoxo

  2. Nana Says:

    You’re absolutely right, Aim…..She does get “stinkin’ cuter” every day!!!!Can you please hold out for a house with MIL quarters……I’m thinking her and I have a lot of catching up to do 🙂 Give her a kiss from her Nana♥♥

  3. Adorable! What do you use to glue the bow on? Lila has as much (or more) hair than my Delia has at two months!

  4. Megan Says:

    Awww she looks so cute and cozy. Can’t wait to see her tonight!

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