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NICU Day 20 October 4, 2010

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Somebody pinch me! It’s been quite a week for Baby Lila and we are in disbelief of the great progress she’s made. WARNING! I may gush a bit today over my baby girl, but gosh darnit, I deserve it! In a week’s time she managed to move from the high frequency jet ventilator, to the conventional ventilator, to the nasal CPAP, and now, to the nasal cannula. Her O2 requirements have been pretty minimal (25 to 30 percent) and she’s doing great breathing on her own.

I’m counting my blessings each and every day that I walk into her room and find her sleeping quietly or wide awake looking around her isolette. The sedatives and pain relievers are history so we’re seeing our baby for her true self and it’s amazing. She’s an entirely different baby this week. She worked her way up to full feedings yesterday, so she’s only getting breastmilk (no more baby Gatorade), but they are fortifying it with protein, etc., because they want her to grow. She’s 4 lbs. 1 oz. today. She’s also practicing breastfeeding. It’s a bit much for her to actually start breastfeeding, but the other day she latched on and sucked like a champ. I couldn’t believe it. I was just so amazed that even a preemie just knows what to do. At that moment, I felt more like her mommy than I have the past three weeks.

I’m hoping she gets out her PICC line — the IV in her head — today or tomorrow. Then she can start wearing hats and hopefully get out of the isolette and into a crib or an open bed with a radiant warmer. She’s wearing clothes now, too! So for all of you who sent her adorable preemie outfits, she’s putting them to good use! She actually fills them out pretty well and she’ll be graduating to newborn sizes in no time.

We are so grateful for the progress she’s made and hope she continues to amaze all the doctors and nurses in the NICU. We can’t wait to bring her home. I don’t want to get my hopes up and anticipate when she’ll be ready to come home, but if she keeps it up, she could be ready to leave the hospital by 37 or 38 weeks gestation. That’s three or four weeks from today! Needless to say, we’re busy getting ready for her homecoming. We bought a new car last week, a nice, safe car for mommy and Lila. The next day, her carseat arrived in the mail. I couldn’t get it out of the box fast enough. Then I went ahead and put it in the car where it will stay until she comes home. We finally got an offer on the house so we are now looking for a new house (to rent). We looked at a few yesterday, but no luck yet. We found the perfect house, but when we made the call, it was already rented out. Bummer.

Now that Lila is doing so well, I’ll be spending more time at the hospital with her. She was wide awake when we had to leave her yesterday and that was tough. I don’t ever want to leave her, but at least if she’s sleeping, she doesn’t know.

Keep crossing those fingers and saying those prayers that Lila continues to progress in good health. Thank God for the miracle we have in our lives. As Dr. Hoekstra said, “She has a purpose in life. She has something to teach all of us.”

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4 Responses to “NICU Day 20”

  1. Neil S Says:

    That is AWESOME NEWS!!!! We will continue to send our prayers along for you!! I am hopeful that you will be able to bring your baby home to your new little house and surround her with the love that I know you guys are giving her!! You are such great parents and your daughter is so amazingly beautiful. God Bless you Aimee, Tyler, and Lila!!!

    ~The Sjostroms

  2. Amanda Seykora Says:

    What a precious baby girl! Congrats to all of you and this amazing miracle that has blessed your life. You have been so strong and the updates truly are wonderful for those who have been praying for the 3 of you!

  3. Fleur Says:

    Go Lila! How special for you both to have her first breastfeed! She is so adorable, I just want to pinch her chubby cheeks! Congrats on all the good news and progress and heres to an early homecoming soon!

  4. Aunt Donna Says:

    Aimee, I have to say, I am a grandmother of 4 and gramma always thinks that she has the “prettiest baby” but I think that Lila “TOPS THE CHART”. She is the most BEAUTIFUL liltle thing I have ever seen. Send me some pictures via email that I can download to give to Grandma Penny. I tell her all about Lila’s progress but would love to be able to show her how beautiful she really is. My internet won’t reach that love Aunt Donna.

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