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A life undefined by pPROM, prematurity and Cerebral Palsy.

NICU Day 11 Part II September 25, 2010

Filed under: Lila,Milestones — Aimee @ 9:56 pm

Apparently I spoke too soon, because when I arrived to Lila’s room this morning, the jet vent was turned OFF!!! And that was just the start of the good news. She went on the conventional vent at 9 a.m. with a pressure of 26. As of 9 p.m. tonight, they’ve lowered the pressure five times, so she’s now at 21. Dr. Hoekstra would like her to get down to 13 before he takes her off of ventilation completely. At the rate she’s going, that could be any day now! Her oxygen requirements are also much better than they’ve been the past few days. She’s hovering around 24-26, which is very minimal. I can’t believe it.

Today she just looks much better. She seems more comfortable. The nurse tonight said, “She doesn’t even look like a sick baby!” Music to my ears. It’s true what they say about the NICU rollercoaster. One minute you’re up, the next you’re down. But it’s the good-news-kinda-days that we need to cling to. Wow. How this little girl has put things into perspective for me. She’s changed my life in so many ways. I can’t wait to have her home with us.

And… we MIGHT get to hold her for the first time tomorrow! It’s hard not to get my hopes up about this, but I really hope tomorrow is the day. I’ve been waiting so long and it’s so tough not to feel her skin against mine. The nurse said we should wear button-up shirts tomorrow in case we get to do kangaroo care. This is when we hold her against our chests. It’s proven to be effective in the care of preemies.

For those of you who are praying for us, please continue to pray for Lila’s lungs. The conventional vent is not as gentle on her lungs as the jet, so there’s a chance she could develop another pneumothorax, but we’re hopeful she’ll get off the ventilators all together very soon.


7 Responses to “NICU Day 11 Part II”

  1. london Says:

    thank god for the exciting development and improvements! hooray for lila. i have a special gift for her. just let me know when i can swing by your house. (i think she will like it!)

  2. Jessica Gessner Says:

    Wow, quite the updates you had today! It was awesome to read the last one with the upbeat news. I think of you guys all the time and keep Lila in my prayers that she keeps getting stronger & stronger (especially that lung tissue). You have had such a journey and are an amazingly strong momma!! It’s uplifting to hear the good stories from this pprom journey.

    Don’t forget to take care of yourself, you still have to recover from all the bedrest to.

    Big hugs,
    Jessica G

  3. Megan Says:

    I’m so so so happy to hear that Lila is doing so well! I’m also very sorry for being MIA the past couple of days but I will be over in the morning to see you, Ty, BJ, and the kids. I love you so much, sissy!


  4. Aunt Donna Says:

    Aimee, Tyler and Baby Lila,
    Know that prayers from MD are still going strong! We look forward to every update on this precious little girl. You are all amazing. Grandma Penny and Uncle Tim asked me to send you all thier love and a big hug, since niether of them know anything about computers. Aimee, I know it’s hard right now not to think of anything other than baby Lila, but please remember to take care of yourself. You need to recover too. All of the things you’ve, missed this summer season, will soon be forgotten. When you finally get to hold that sweet baby in your arms and hug her close to your breast, nothing else will matter. She already knows that the two of you love her more than life itself. You and Tyler have been through more in the past few months than most Mommies and Daddies could ever imagine. Stay strong, take care of yourselves and each other and keep sharing this amazing journey with those of us who love you both and Lila. I pray that today is the day that you get to hold her. She already knows you both, it shows in the videos, she wants so badly to open her eyes to see her Mommy and Daddy. Everyone here thinks the three of you are one amazing family and the love you have for this little girl wiil prevail. Stay strong, take care, God hears our prayers! Love to all of you.

  5. Paul Klauda Says:

    So THRILLED to hear of the Lila’s most recent progress. Prayers still pouring your way. I am relating very personally to your description of Children’s, pneumothorax episodes, the rollercoaster ride, and the excitement of changes in her care that point to improvement — that was our oldest, Kristen, in 1988. She’s also the one, in the small world department, who is friends with Kelly Reid, who I think is dating your husband’s brother?? Now a healthy 22-year-old, she’s rooting for Lila, too.

  6. Jessica Weiss Says:

    Hi Aimee! It is so good to see how God is working with you and your family and keeping you all safe. What a miracle!!!! We are home in MN now and it would be so great to see you and meet Lila. What a precious gift you have been blessed with. We are staying at my mother-in-law’s home in Eden Prairie. Please let me know when it is a good time to visit.
    I pray that Lila continues to defy the odds!

  7. Zeda Says:

    Yay, Lila! I’m looking forward to running a 10k with you!

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