Baby Tjader's Journey

A life undefined by pPROM, prematurity and Cerebral Palsy.

Day 74: Growth Ultrasound August 27, 2010

Filed under: Sunny days,Updates — Aimee @ 12:58 pm

We had a growth ultrasound bright and early this morning and aside from hoping for more fluid, it couldn’t have gone much better. Our baby girl has doubled her weight in three weeks and now weighs 2 lb. 11 oz, putting her in the 48th percentile for gestational age. All of her measurements (abdomen, head, femur, etc.) are growing right on target. She’s still breech and has very little fluid — 1.7 cm — to work with. That’s the lowest amount of fluid we’ve seen yet, but I expected it. I believe my fluid levels are the lowest in the morning and build back up during the day. She was extremely active during the ultrasound — even had a case of the hiccups. Quite the little showoff she’s been! And this ultrasound tech also says, “It’s a girl!”

I’ve been feeling great the past few days. I’m finally able to nap once a day and am sleeping better, but always up at 5 a.m. Must be getting ready for this baby to arrive! My Mom and Dad, and Aunt and Uncle from West Virginia are visiting this weekend. They brought me pepperoni rolls and candy from my favorite candy store, so I’m a happy camper.


5 Responses to “Day 74: Growth Ultrasound”

  1. laurie Says:

    such good news, aimee.

  2. Aunt Donna Says:

    Congts! on the growth ultrasound Aimee. I bet you’re eating candy from “Candy Land” YUM!!! Enjoy, and keep on growing that baby! Love to all.

  3. Shanda & Glen Says:

    Wish we were there too. No one else got pepperoni rolls, but I guess you’ve earned them! Congrats on this pleasantly plump, hiccuping little girl! Love you. S

  4. kate Says:

    sounds like things are going well, mama!!! thinking about you guys and your beautiful girl everyday!

  5. Shanda & Glen Says:

    Happy 29.2 weeks and day 79! We are so humbled by you and Tyler and proud of all three of you. What an amazingly lucky little girl- not many babies know such love so soon. Hang in there, sweet girls. We love you so. S & G

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