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A week of firsts August 12, 2010

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Thanks to my dear friend, London, I’ve been learning to knit while in the hospital. I finished my very first project yesterday, an adorable baby hat with little ears. Now I’m working on another hat. It’s a more challenging pattern and will be smaller so that the baby can wear it right away.

Ta-da! Here it is, modeled by Baby Tjader’s first Care Bear.

I had accupuncture for the first time Monday. I can’t say if I liked it or not, because the accupuncturist was so awful! The actual accupuncture was fine, but she was something else. She came into my room and talked a bit about eastern vs. western medicine and the benefits of accupuncture. But then she started delving into how I’m spending my time on bedrest. “What are you reading,” she asked. I told her I read the newspaper daily, am working on a book, and spend a lot of time on my support group website and following the blogs of mothers who’ve already had their babies and are in the NICU. She says, “Oh, DON’T be reading stuff about the NICU! You need to fill yourself with positivity. I told her that I actually like to be informed and think I’m doing a pretty good job of balancing everything. She told me to be careful about what I watch on TV, because even if I’m not paying attention, the TV can affect my energy. I don’t watch that much TV, but the TV is always on and so what if I feel like watching TMZ or some other crap?! By this point, I’m thinking this lady really needs to back off.

Then, she says, “I noticed in your chart you’re taking some supplements. Tell me about the food supplement you’re taking.” So I tell her it’s a green food supplement, because there are virtually no green vegetables on the menu. It contains wheat grass, spirulina, algae and other disgusting things. She says, “Oh, be careful about that, because wheat grass and things like that are “cool” foods and you need to fill yourself with “warm” foods. Ok??? Whatever THAT means! If you’re seriously concerned about a supplement, then tell me why. I don’t know what this warm foods/cool foods thing means. Oh, and aren’t we supposed to be doing accupuncture right now?

She also asked my husband what his vegetarian diet consists of. Then she says, “I was a vegetarian for 10 years, but that’s before I knew any better.” WTF?! Why is she even asking my husband ANYTHING?!

So the needles are in — no big deal — and now I’m supposed to relax while this lady has her fingers on the bottoms of my feet. I tried REALLY hard to focus on something else, but all I could think about was how annoyed I was with this woman! It’s not that I mind people making suggestions and sharing information with me. I welcome that. But she was waaay to pushy and it just wasn’t the time for it. I feel like she tried to cram as much of her agenda down my throat in 20 minutes when the point of the session was accupuncture! It was supposed to relax me.

I will do accupuncture again, but with a different person. 🙂

In better news, the hospital hired a new food service provider so we got a brand-new menu on Tuesday. A much improved menu! The food is better overall and among the new highlights are stir fry, burritos, brown rice, hummus, brocolli, turkey sausage and red beans and rice! They also serve all of our drinks in real glasses, so now I can dip my cookie in my milk. It really doesn’t take much to make me happy these days. 🙂

Here’s a look at my dinner tonight: chicken stir fry with veggies and brown rice, fruit, cookie and milk.


4 Responses to “A week of firsts”

  1. Megan Says:

    I love the hat, sissy! Definitely something your little girl will be able to keep with her for a long time that her mommy made her. Love you!


  2. Miranda Says:

    WOW! Her job is to RELAX you, not stress you out!! I am actually pretty peeved with that lady, good thing I wasn’t there, I may have stressed you out more when I tore into her! hahaha! Glad to hear you will be continuing your therapy, but with someone else! Very irratating when all someone wants to do is cram their agenda and beliefs down your throat, no matter the circumstances! Awesome to hear about the hospital menu changing. I LOVED the open menu service at Altru, I don’t have that luxury here in Detroit Lakes, with me being a picky eater, sure wish I did! Your plate looked delicious! Making me hungry! I LOVE the knitted hat, how adorable! Since Baby Tjader is doing so good, she may just have a whole outfit and then some by the time she arrives! I have been so happy to hear all of the good news with her BPP and ultrasounds, stress tests and fluid level! I feel proud, I know odd..sorry, haha! Hang there Tjader family, you are doing fantastic!!!!!

  3. BJ Says:

    NIce hat Aim!

    Reading your story about the acupuncturist, I couldn’t help but remember back to the time that you used to scold me for shopping at Wal-Mart! LOL!

    Anyway, glad to hear all is well and that you are moving along! To be honest, for the first time tonight, I truly sat here and pictured my niece!! Not that I would ever spoil my kids, but I most definately spoil my niece! Can’t wait to meet her and see how wonderful you and T will be at parenting! If you love the baby half as much as you love each other, it will be the luckiest baby in the world!

    Love you guys and we will talk soon!


  4. Laura Says:

    WOW the food has really changed since I was there. I’m glad for you guys you need good nutrition… both of you do for working so hard and hangin’ in there strong for your baby girl. P.S. I read that raw foodist are the healthiest people around. Now I could be wrong but it makes sense. I would’ve told that lady to go educate herself and then I would welcome her opinion as long as she delivered it with respect and understanding on your part. I was a vegetarian when I became pregnant so I would’ve found that very offensive. I hope your new accupunturist is more respectful and better at relaxing you as opposed to raising your stress levels on your and Tyler’s personal desicions. I know Tyler as my manager, but I feel like I know your family on a more personal level from everything Tyler has told me about you and your experiences. I just finally sat down to start reading you blog (when I had a free minute) and now I am addicted to it… so THANK YOU for that. I hope the board games are helping to pass some of the mundane time. I remember just reading, surfing the web, watching movies on lifetime (of all networks to watch when your hormonal) and balling my eyes out not because I was sad, but because I was so excited and thankful for this little miracle to be born and for my family life to start. The second my son was born I felt an overwhelming love I had never felt before, and let me tell you I still feel that love just as strong today and Jaxon turns 3 October 9th! I remember a nurse telling me “You don’t think you could ever love somebody as much as you love your baby… That is until you have another baby.” Anyway I’m babbling on reminissing in the pregnancy/newborn days. Anyway my point is I am so happy for you and Tyler and your baby girl. I know the emotions and feelings you will experience, and I can’t think a another couple who deserves that kind of love and happineness more than you two. P.S.are your registered anywhere? I know how those hospital bills can pile up and I want to help get you guys something that you need and not just cute little outfits. Don’t get me wrong I would love to shop for a baby girl since I had the whole boy experience, but I remember having millions of clothes for baby boy but all the stuff we really need was on us. Not to mention you know how you want to dress your baby girl and she will grow out of an outfit every 2 months. So I promise I’m done babbling now cuz I hear Jaxon getting up from his nap. Just wanted to let you know I pray for your family and just have a feeling everything is going to be alright and you guys will make EXCELLENT parents. P.S. I think Tyler should take maternity leave to be with his family. Tell him we’ll stay an A store with a csat of above 82% at all times while he’s gone with your family as our motivation. Hang in there just a little longer, it’s SOOO worth it, and your daughter will be born (let alone turning 3) before you know it. My prayers go out to you guys! Again let me know if your registered anywhere! Have a good day it might be one of the last nice ones this summer : )

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