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A life undefined by pPROM, prematurity and Cerebral Palsy.

Day 56: 26 weeks!!! August 9, 2010

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I can’t believe I’ve been in the hospital for two weeks and on bedrest a total of eight weeks. Already! But who’s counting? It’s finally starting to sink in that we WILL have a baby to bring home in November. Although I’ve always been hopeful about the outcome, I never wanted to get ahead of myself. I knew the possibility of saying goodbye to our first child was very real.

I guarded myself by not thinking about the future much more than the day in front of me. I haven’t read my parenting books, don’t know a damn thing about breastfeeding, have no clue what we need in terms of raising a baby. But I think I’m now ready to venture down that exciting road.

Both T and I have been talking about what it will be like to have a daughter. We wonder what she’ll look like and what kind of hair she’ll have. Anyone who knows Tyler knows he has extremely curly, afro-potential, jet black hair. I had a head of white hair as a kid, so we surmise she’ll have a blonde afro. Most of our friends have little girls, so all the daddies have been plotting an all-girl band when they grow up.

Tyler asked me the other night, “Isn’t it weird to think we could be parents in just a few short weeks?” I told him that we already are in every sense of the word, but yes, meeting her on the outside much earlier than we expected is definitely weird. Baby Girl T could arrive at any time, but she’s managed to happily hang out inside for eight weeks without her swimming pool, so I’m confident she’ll hang on for another four weeks at the very least.

We are already so bonded with this baby. This is our first and I don’t know what it’s like to have an uncomplicated pregnancy, but I have to imagine I’m more connected to this baby now than I would be had the pregnancy continued to be uneventful. That’s not to take away from the very real bond that mothers have with their babies in a normal pregnancy. But I’ve done nothing but spend the last two months thinking about this baby and her health. There are very few distractions to direct my focus elsewhere.

I watch her heart beating on the monitor with such strength and determination twice a day every day. I pay attention to her every movement so that I can tell the nurses if her activity level changes. I’m a proud mommy every day, because she never gives the doctors or nurses a hard time, she’s showing up all the other babies with her skills on the monitor and she’s growing just like she should. I’m starting to envision a family of three instead of two. I think of all the ways we’ll make up for lost time next summer: baby’s first trip to the State Fair, going for runs along the river while she naps in the jogging stroller, and a Blanchette-style baptism in Pike Bay. I drink from my water bottle all day long and envision her peeing, filling up her pool, taking a drink and growing those lungs. Weird, right? But these visions are calming, and at times, they’re all I have.

Still, the biggest risk we face is pulmonary hypoplasia, which basically means incomplete development of lung tissue. And we just won’t know the extent of the problem until she arrives. We continue to ask you all for your prayers and support. I’m 100 percent convinced we wouldn’t have made it this far without all of you on our side.


8 Responses to “Day 56: 26 weeks!!!”

  1. Nana Says:

    Life is good, huh? I love the sound of 26 weeks!! 30 is gonna sound even better, etc. I’m so happy for you two and the anticipation of this little girl. Jenna wants to go shopping for her little cousin. She said if it would have been a BOY….he would have been Kaleb’s cousin!!!! Maybe she will share this little girl cousin with him eventually.!!!

    We will all just keep saying those prayers that God will help those little lungs grow and mature at a rapid rate. Keep doing what you’re doing, little Mama…’s working!!!!!

    Love to you all three!!!
    Mom Nana

    Hmmmm, I seemed to overuse the word “little”. Will have to preface that word with “not too” from now on.

  2. Kelly Martinka Says:

    HEY Aim!
    Thank you for keeping us up to date in the northland. And a baby girl! Squeeeee — love the girl band comment. Funny stuff.

    You and baby girl Tjader are quite the pair and are in my thoughts and prayers continually.


  3. Shanda & Glen Says:

    Wow! Congrats on 26 wks! Sounds like a huge landmark. And a girl-we are so so excited! We’ll live vicariously in your “pink” world. As far as what you need and need to know–diapers–the two of you already have everything else it takes-you! It would be kinda nice if they came with instruction manuals, but that’s what Nan’s are for. Focus on the day to day for now-we think of you every passing minute and can’t wait to see all 3 of you! (in a long few weeks though) love you so, s&g

  4. Jessica Says:

    Talk about knowing how to make someone cry!! What a beautiful post :). I think you articulated the bond you have formed in such a great way, pprom moms have little else to distract us from thinking about the well being of our babies from the time we find out about this challenge that we’ve been faced with.
    I go to the hospital Friday & I’ll admit the next couple weeks scare the heck out of me. I just pray to make it to 28 wks now, b/c the chances of healthiness increase each week after 24wks. And look at you go, 26wks!!! You have had virtually no extra complications & your baby girl is showing off for those doctors & nurses!!! I have no doubt that you’ll breeze right past 30 weeks & move to 34wks ! 🙂

    Great post & keep baking that little girl !
    Jessica Gessner (pprom mom)

  5. megan braunhausen Says:

    Hey there girlie. well congrats on the landmark. So excited for you. I didn’t have the most uneventful pregnancy either. well at least not in the last 3 months and that was a very intence bonding time for me, for simular reasons. so it makes sence. well our big 10 year reunion this weekend, if it makes you feel any better one of my clients is having his 50th this year and he said your ten year is all about whos “gained/lossed weight and who is the tannest who has the hottest wife.” I thought i would share that with you, it made me smile and relize that was probely why im not going to attend. Hope that you have a great day.

  6. kate Says:

    YAY!!!! Congratulations!!! Hooray for little girls!!! You guys are amazing and your little lady is too 🙂

  7. Megan Says:

    You’re going to the be an amazing mother, Aim. And Tyler will be an amazing father. Baby T is so lucky to have such wonderful parents. I love you very much and I’m so happy that things are going so well. Stay positive and keep doing what you’re doing.


  8. Beth and Jim Says:

    Johanna has dibs on drums, but we’re guessing Baby T will want to play guitar! I wait for your updates, Aimee. They’ve all been great! Here’s to doing more of what you’ve been doing so those little lungs can develop and Baby can continue to grow stronger. We’re thinking of you all …


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