Baby Tjader's Journey

A life undefined by pPROM, prematurity and Cerebral Palsy.

Day 46: Finally, a nap … and a massage?! July 30, 2010

Filed under: Bedrest — Aimee @ 7:56 pm

I woke up next to my husband this morning and couldn’t have been happier. T stayed the night with me and I decided to sleep next to him on the pullout couch. We both slept very well. We had a piece of Nana’s famous carrot cake before bed, so that must’ve done the trick. It was nice to wake up and eat breakfast together; definitely a good start to my day.

After T left for work, the nurse put me on the monitor and Baby T did amazingly well and continues to pass the NST’s with flying colors. The nurse came in and said, “Baby must’ve liked having Daddy here last night!” I like the thought of that. Baby had another impressive NST this evening — must be showing off today in honor of Nana’s birthday!

I had a slight fever of 99.9 just before lunch, but it went down right away. The nurse wasn’t concerned, because I’m feeling fine with no other symptoms. One of my fellow pPROM moms suggested perhaps I’m just too cozy in my bed and that very well could be. I think I have seven pillows on my bed!

One of my friends from work dropped by over lunch with muffins and a card from everyone in the newsroom, including a very generous contribution. I continue to be amazed at the enormous support system I have at work. People are just so dang amazing. I’m learning a lot about people, the human spirit and the kind of friend/daughter/sister/aunt/mother/wife/colleague I want to be.

I haven’t been able to sleep much during the day like I did at home, but today I finally got in a really nice nap. A therapist from Integrative Medicine came by to give me a back massage. I was out like a light 10 minutes after she left and slept for a couple hours.

And now I’m waiting for my handsome prince to return to me. Have I mentioned how much I love my husband?


4 Responses to “Day 46: Finally, a nap … and a massage?!”

  1. Emily Erlandson Says:

    I love your blog and very much look forward to reading it – you and your husband (and baby!) just amaze me. Happy belated 24 weeks!!!! I know how big of a milestone this is and I look forward to the next!


  2. Ma T Says:

    Sounds like a great night and a great day Aimee! Each day is going to get better and better! We love you all.

  3. Dan Wascoe Says:

    Okay, kiddo, you’ve made it through July! And your blog is refreshing for its, and your, honesty. Keep it up (in every sense of that phrase!).

  4. laurie Says:

    keep on incubating….

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