Baby Tjader's Journey

A life undefined by pPROM, prematurity and Cerebral Palsy.

Day 45: Look ma, I’m knitting! July 29, 2010

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Yesterday turned out to be a busy day — in hospital terms — so I didn’t get around to posting again as I said I would. By far, the best part of the day was getting my IV out, taking a shower and changing my PJ’s.

A neonatologist stopped by to talk a little about what we can expect at the time of delivery and during our time in the NICU. She didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t already know, but she reiterated that our biggest concern with this baby is going to be lung development. Our ultimate goal is 34 weeks, but even then, there could be major lung complications because of the amount of time baby will have been without fluid. She’s seen it go both ways. Our baby could be on a ventilator for a long time or could move onto just oxygen rather quickly. It’s numbing to think about, but we continue to visualize a baby with perfect lungs!

Then, someone from the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing came by and talked about some of the services they offer to patients. While I’m here, I can request acupressure, acupuncture, guided imagery, healing touch, massage therapy, music therapy, reflexology, etc. I’m really pleased that they offer these kinds of services. I really believe in a mind, body, spirit connection and it’s more important than ever that I have all three in alignment.

My sister, Megan, popped by to take me on my first wheelchair ride outside to the Healing Deck in the Heart Hospital. Apparently, it’s exclusive to heart patients, but I just had to see what was so special about it so we snuck out there anyway. It was just a large deck area with some flowers planted, etc. Nothing special.

Finally, one of my sweet coworkers came over with supplies to get me started on my first knitting project — a baby hat with little ears. It’s going to be multi-colored purple, just in time for Brett Favre’s return to Minnesota … AFTER training camp, of course. I will post a picture when it’s complete.

T’s staying the night tonight, so I’m very excited about that. I already miss sleeping in my bed with my husband. Boy, the things you take for granted when all is hunky dory in life.

If you’re interested in visiting, just send me an e-mail. I may be up for it, I may not, and I hope that doesn’t offend anyone. It’s just that there are people popping in my room all day long, and sometimes, I just need a break. You can e-mail me at aimeeblanchette(at)


2 Responses to “Day 45: Look ma, I’m knitting!”

  1. laurie Says:

    it would be hard to be away from home for such an extended time. but each day is crucial. glad you’re doing so well. you need more books? i have lots. just say the word.

  2. Jessica Says:

    So glad to hear things are going good & they have some nice services to help the stay. I hope UH has those, I love acupuncture!!!
    Thanks for the update, I’ve been waiting for your post to hear how things are going!! 🙂
    My appt is coming up, it’s on Thurs. I’ll be 23w & they’ll decide if I’m admitted then or wait another week. I’m really hoping to wait the extra week to get admitted.
    Take care & keep us posted!!


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