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Day 42: Hello hospital July 26, 2010

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Update posted below

I’ve arrived! This will be just a quick update, because I’m typing with one hand. The other is sore from the IV right now. I will update with more detail later.

Everything has been really smooth since we arrived. The first peri (Dr. Wagner) came in to do a quick ultrasound. The baby looks really good, had a full bladder, was moving around a lot and even had some fluid around him/her (although not sure how much because he didn’t do an AFI measurement). The baby is growing right on target and weighs about 1.25 pounds. He seemed very encouraged and had quite the sense of humor. He warned me his personality doesn’t ever change, even at 1 a.m. He was a positive breath of fresh air! All of the nurses so far have been really great, too. My peri nurse said because I’ve made it six weeks post-rupture with no problems, I can probably expect to make it a good chunk of time before going into labor. My next big goal is 28 weeks.

I will have a growth ultrasound in the next few days — still waiting to find out exactly when. I got my first shot of betamethasone and will get the other one tomorrow. This is a steroid that helps with baby’s lung development. I’m on a round of IV antibiotics for two days followed by oral antibiotics. And, I’m hooked up to the fetal monitor to check baby’s heartrate (it’s averaging 150-155) and contractions. No contractions, aside from the occasional Braxton Hicks.

All-in-all I’m really happy about how things are going. More to come later. Dinner has arrived! Ahh, my first meal in the hospital: chicken pot pie, carrots, dinner roll, peaches and milk.

UPDATE: The nurse came in to take off the monitor after a few hours and said, “Your baby is already reactive!” I had no idea what this meant, but I could tell it was good. Now I know what it means. During a non-stress test (NST) the nurse monitors the baby’s heart rate, movement and any contractions I may be having. The nurse will determine the baby’s baseline (resting) heart rate and be watching for reassuring accelerations in the heart rate which are associated with the baby’s movement. If the baby’s heart rate accelerates with movement at least twice in 20 minutes (as Baby Tjader did … GO BABY T!!!) the test is called a reactive NST. A reactive test is reassuring and it’s unusual to get a reactive result this early in pregnancy. I’m a very proud momma today.

Mom left to go back to our house for the night and T is staying with me, bless his heart. His bed isn’t ideal, but he’s going to get cushy mattress pad and hopefully that will help. The room is … shall I say … OLD SCHOOL! Straight out of the 70’s, complete with dusty floral curtains, pink-stained walls and a stained glider chair. I expected this, so it wasn’t a huge surprise. I don’t really care about the decor, because I know I’m in a top-notch hospital with highly talented specialists. I have some of the comforts of home: pictures of the dogs, computer, blanket, pillows, flowers, toiletries, calendar, etc. The BEST thing I have from home (this was T’s idea) is a lamp for the bedside table! A table lamp makes the room much more comfortable than those flourescent hospital lights. I also have a refrigerator and microwave, a TV with no remote … yes, I said it. A TV with no remote! Aparently, patients like to steal them? I can change the channel from the hospital bed, but have to scroll throught the entire channel lineup to get to the channel I want. I’m going to need to get a universal remote STAT! You cannot survive on bedrest without a remote, people!

My first meal was better than expected. I have a drawer full of snacks and just finished up a chocolate chip cookie that T warmed for me in the microwave and a glass of milk. I’m sure breakfast will be here earlier than I’d like, so I should probably start getting to bed earlier than I have been.

I’m really feeling ok today. The anticipation of leaving home was worse than actually being here. I really miss my dogs, but Russell can come visit me anytime, he just can’t stay the night. I am allowed to go outside in a wheelchair every day, maybe twice a day if the nurses are feeling nice. If I continue to do this good (knock on wood) I don’t see why I won’t be able to. The worst thing right now is having a stupid IV in my hand. I’ll be much happier when that’s taken out on Wednesday. I hate having to wheel the IV into the bathroom with me and just the overall annoying feeling of having a needle stuck in your hand. Sidenote: I fear needles. I’ve been known to pass out during shots, but I think I’ve mastered it now. I have to be laying down and cannot get a shot or blood draw on an empty stomach. I passed out when I got my ears pierced years ago — fell right out of the chair. I passed out when I got a tattoo at age 18. I warn everyone about my history and haven’t passed out since November when I was in the hospital for my ectopic.

Well that’s a long enough update for today. We feel very grateful to all of our family and friends right now. We’re happy we’ve made it this far and now we’re looking ahead to 28 weeks, then 30, 32 and finally, 34. We couldn’t have done this without everyone on our side. I, especially, couldn’t be doing this without my husband. I’m so glad I married him!

Last family photo before the hospital:

And I can’t even believe I’m posting THIS photo, because I look horrible and HUGE, but I’m very proud of the baby in that belly!


6 Responses to “Day 42: Hello hospital”

  1. Shanda & Glen Says:

    Congrats on this amazing milestone-confinement and all! We are praying for many days of boredom but that they pass quickly. We love you all and are here for anything you may need. Love, S

  2. Jayme bowden Says:

    Aimee, you don’t look huge you look pregnant. I hope your days fly by fast. I like the family pic, very cute.

  3. Laura Burgess Says:

    Aimee – you look great – what a perfect preggy bump you have! I’m so glad to hear how well everything is going and that baby is looking so healthy!

  4. Ma T Says:

    Aimee, you look absolutely radiant and beautiful! Thank you for sharing everything with us on this blog. It’s very hard being so far away from you, Tyler and Baby T. This blog, all the pictures, the phone calls, texts, etc., are making it a little easier. Know that we think of you all every minute of every day. We love you all so much. Ma

  5. Lisa Johnson Says:

    Thinking about you daily and praying that little man will be safe in your tummy for awhile longer. You look beautiful. Oh and yes I think its a boy:)
    Love you

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