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A life undefined by pPROM, prematurity and Cerebral Palsy.

22 weeks! July 12, 2010

Filed under: Milestones — Aimee @ 5:16 pm

Today marks 27 days of bedrest and two weeks until hospital admission! I can’t believe I’ve managed to stay pregnant for four weeks despite what the first doctor told me the day my water broke. I’m proving him wrong. Shortly after arriving to the hospital that day, this doctor told me and T that we’d have a tough decision to make. We could terminate the pregnancy by inducing labor and delivering a non-viable baby that night. Or, we could play the wait and see game, but our chances of making it to viability and delivering a healthy baby were not good.

Every doctor I spoke to after that was much more positive, thank GOD! One of the peris was very frank about what we were/are up against, but she advised me to go home, get in bed and hope for the best. She said there are too many healthy babies out there who wouldn’t be here had their mommies given up hope. She said we could be celebrating Christmas with our new baby this year. That really got me, because I so clearly pictured the scene: everyone together on Christmas Eve at Mom and Dad’s with snow-capped trees in Bemidji; eating my favorite meal of ham and Mom’s famous cheesey potatoes; kids tossing about wrapping paper and bows; and a brand-new baby in his/her first Christmas outfit.

Bedrest is still passing suprisingly quickly. Everyone is taking such good care of me. I started taking some vitamin supplements in addition to my prenatal, am still drinking a TON of water and am eating lots of healthy food courtesty of friends and co-workers. Aside from the daily ice cream cone, I’m probably healthier than I’ve ever been. I feel great physically, but I’m beginning to tire very easily. All this lying around is hard work! I’m actually a pretty boring patient. But I’d like to keep it that way. 🙂


3 Responses to “22 weeks!”

  1. Nana B Says:

    I love reading your posts, but they make me tear up with emotion. I can just picture that very same Christmas scene and we are so looking forward to another baby in the family. You stay strong, hug your husband and we’ll all keep saying prayers. I love you!

  2. Ma T Says:

    You continue to be strong and hang in there. We are so proud of you, and impressed with your conviction. As always, we send you strength, good karma, good vibes and tons of love daily. Love you all! Ma T

  3. Jessica Says:

    Interested to know what Vit supplements you r taking? I’ve started Vit D & Vit C
    – Jess

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