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Bedrest productivity July 9, 2010

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Today has been a very productive day at casa de la bedrest. T woke up early to go for a run, then made us smoothies and peanut butter toast before heading to work. I wonder if they do smoothies and PB&J at the hospital? (insert sarcasm)

T had to come home for lunch because we had a house showing. Yes, our house is for-sale. Great timing, eh? We had the choice to halt showings until I go into the hospital, but we decided to give it a shot. In three weeks, we’ve had only three showings, so it hasn’t been too bad. I think I turned one down, too. We just leave the house with the dogs for awhile and T runs an errand or two while I sit in the car, or we eat lunch in the car. If I felt it was too much stress for me, I wouldn’t do it.

I’ve spent the afternoon on my lawn chair in the backyard. I wrote some thank-you notes, got caught up on e-mail, talked to some friends, etc. Deb called to chat about what’s going to happen when I go into the hospital. My care will be transferred to the perinatal team at Abbott and I’m very comfortable with this. They are specialists used to dealing with this sort of thing and the two peris I met while in the hospital I liked very much.

Then I tried to wrap my head around a long-term hospital stay. I started a list of things to bring when I go. I will have a private room with a sofa sleeper for T. There’s a TV, DVD player, radio, refrigerator and microwave. Heck, if I bring a terrycloth robe, it’ll be just like I’m staying at the Hilton!

Actually, I’m really dreading the hospital. I can’t imagine anything feeling more like prison than hospital bedrest. At least at home I have all the comforts of home: bed, shower, birds in the backyard, dogs, etc. I hope I don’t have to be hooked up to an IV 24/7 but I’m afraid I know the answer to that question already. I’d never stayed in the hospital until I ruptured three weeks ago, and while I was only there for 32 hours, it was miserable. But I’m told the antepartum unit is much more homey than other areas of the hospital. We’ll see about that.

Still, I know making it to the hospital is a good thing. The day I check in is the day that this baby has a chance. A 40 percent chance. Every week after, the chance for survival increases. By week 27, it’s 90 percent. Those statistics aren’t taking into account the lung development issues that many pPROM babies have at birth. I’m not even going to consider that at this point.


3 Responses to “Bedrest productivity”

  1. Jessica Gessner Says:

    Your post made me tear up today, for many reasons. The hospital stay seems overwhelming right now. BUT, at the same time, once we make it to that point, it gives our babies a good chance. And every week that chance keeps going up, so that made me tear up out of happiness! Then, of course, the lung development creeps back into my thoughts & I start worrying. But I’ve told myself time & time again that I am doing everything I can and what is meant to be will be.
    I took your advice & laid outside in the sun yesterday a.m. And you were SO right!! It made a world of difference in my mood :-). I decided that is on thing I will miss the most once in the hospital.

    Enjoy the rst of your weekend … And I must say, you are a bit crazy for trying to sell your house right now :-). But Good Luck!!

  2. Sara Says:

    Funny enough my hospital has a fruit and yogurt smoothie and PB&J’s …

    Hospital at first was just like being in jail for me. I was only on the antepartum unti for two weeks then moved down to labor and delivery for continious monitoring .. Antepartum was more like a hotel stay (most expensive hotel stay you will ever pay for) … but Labor and Delivery I am not thrilled with .. it is so loud here.. tons of screams (both moms and babies). After being in the hosptial for 41 days there are still some days that I start to cry because it sucks .. but then the next day I am fine .. Just try to make it as home like as possible. Pictures, your own blanket, I have a calendar on the wall to mark milestones and mark each day that passes … flowers always helps me ..

    You just have to take it one day at a time in order to get though it all. But you can do it ..

  3. christina Says:

    Its christina I work at southdale with tyler. We have been very much enjoying ur blog! it sure helps time fly here at work when its slow! I just wanted to give you a little hope about your hospital stay. I was in the hospital for some time after my spinal surgery. Its really not all that bad, the days do seem a little longer. However, the comfort of all the nurses and the busyness of whats going on outside of your room seems to put an ease on the situation. Just make sure that you bring a lot to read, maybe some arts and crafts. I took up knitting myself. Now, when ever I wear the scarf I made, it reminds me of the strength I had that got me through it all. Maybe you could make a baby blanket! it will keep you occupied and give you something special for baby tjader, as a reminder of the begining of his journey in life.

    Well thats all for now! ill post a reply agian soon!
    hope your having a great day

    ~best of hope! Christina

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