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Ultrasound July 7, 2010

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I wish I were feeling more positive right now, but my ultrasound today didn’t go as well as I’d hoped. I’ll try to get out of this funk soon, because I know there are going to be many ups and downs. Lets start with the bad news. My AFI measured 3 cm. Last time it was 6.7 cm. Normal ranges from 5-25. This is obviously very disappointing. We also were not able to find out the gender, which is ok. It just would’ve been a bright spot in the day. I guess it’s tougher to see the goods when there isn’t much fluid surrounding baby. We (and all of you) will just have to wait!

Now for the good news. At least there was SOME fluid! Some moms go for weeks/months with NO measurable fluid and baby makes it through ok. The baby did have a full bladder and stomach so we know the little sweet pea is getting some nourishment from the fluid. There was also a measurable pocket near baby’s head, so I hope that means it’s easier for him/her to breathe in and swallow. Gosh, never did I imagine baby urine (amniotic fluid) would be equivalent to liquid gold. At least in my book.

The heart rate is still nice and strong, pounding away at a lovely 148 bpm. Cervix is long and closed. No bleeding, etc. Deb (best midwife on the face of the planet) was disappointed with the AFI number — as were we — but gave us a little pep talk and really did make me feel ok. Her voice plays over and over in my head: “Keep your head in the game, Aimee, you can do this.”

She did call the team of perinatologists at Abbott to get their opinion and see if they felt my care should be transferred to them. The perinatologist said she was also disappointed by the AFI but says she sees it all the time with pPROM patients. And there’s no need to transfer my care to them, because they wouldn’t do anything different. In fact, she admitted that I’d receive far superior care in the hands of Deb. That just goes to show you how well respected Deb is. I’m happy to stay with Deb and see her for the next few weeks.

I was given the option to get a weekly ultrasound from here on out, but I’m going to pass. I’ll probably get weekly ultrasounds once I’m at the hospital, but until then, I don’t think it’s worth the stress and worry. I was very nervous about today’s appointment and very disappointed when I left. Ultrasounds, positive or negative, aren’t going to change anything at this point in the game. So I’ll continue with my weekly visits with Deb, we’ll listen to the heart beat, talk about how things are going physically and emotionally, and go from there. I have less than three weeks to viability and that needs to be my focus.

I do have some more good news. Deb told me that my dogs are allowed to come visit me at the hospital!!!! Can you believe it? I can’t. I mean, I think it’s fantastically wonderful, but I’m just surprised they allow it. Marley won’t be visiting as he’ll be going to stay with my parents in Bemidji when I go into the hospital. Russell will be staying with some friends in Minneapolis, so he’ll be able to come visit and hopefully cuddle up next to me like he’s doing right now. 🙂

My parents just left and I’m so happy they were able to come for a short visit and to help Tyler with some things around the house. And you know, sometimes a girl just needs her mommy. Those things never change no matter how old you get. She was able to come to my appointment with us and I’m thankful for that. Last weekend, T’s parents were here for a nice visit so we’ve been surrounded by love and support. For that, we are so very thankful. It’s tough being four hours away from them, but we’re relying on some wonderful friends here in the Twin Cities. You don’t ever realize the importance of friendship until you really need your friends.

We love you all!


6 Responses to “Ultrasound”

  1. Ma T Says:

    Glad your mom was able to see your midwife with you today, and that they were able to visit a couple of days. Sorry we weren’t able to do more while we were visiting. Maybe next trip down. Love you, and keep positive thoughts!
    Ma T

  2. Nicole Hvidsten Says:

    Aimee — you are truly an inspiration. You’ve been in my thoughts and prayers. Baby is lucky to have you as a mom!

  3. Heather Sande Says:

    Oh, I wish there was something I could do to help you!
    You are doing such an admirable job, Aimee! Your spirit is refreshing. If anyone has the strength to make it through this, it’s you. Baby Tjader is lucky, you are a great ‘mom’ already!
    I wish I could give you a hug. I will keep praying for you, baby (and Tyler) to hang in there for as long as you possibly can.
    If you need to talk… I’m here, honey!
    Love you!

  4. Lisa Says:


    I am so inspired by your words:) I will continue to pray for a healthy baby for you and tyler. Keep your head up. If this baby is anything like you, he/she will be strong and make it through any tough situation. The baby could NOT ask for any better mommy than you. Tyler sounds like an amazing man, you two are sure lucky to have eachother. Please keep us posted, and know you have friends who care tremendously.
    Love you Aimee

  5. Carrie (Gervais) Knutson Says:

    Aimee and Tyler,
    I am keeping you and your little one in my prayers. I have friends who also experienced pprom with their pregnancy and their baby that was born at 28 weeks is doing wonderfully. She is 8 months old now. Keep that positivity flowing, baby needs it! Take care,

  6. Jessica Gessner Says:

    Stay strong, you can do this! That is not a horrible level, baby has some room to move and fluid to swallow, remember some is better than none! Your levels are going to change, so hopefully next time it’s back up to 7 🙂
    Keep the fluids coming, drink drink drink!! I know my level was only 1.7 last week :-(. But the peri was happy to see urine in baby’s stomach & bladder, and it sounds like that was the case for baby T today, so concentrate on that good piece of news!
    Sending you “e” hugs!

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