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Somersaults July 1, 2010

Filed under: Sunny days — Aimee @ 10:33 pm

T felt the baby move this evening for the first time!!! How’s that for some happier, exciting news? I’ve been feeling movement for a few weeks and so wished he could share the experience with me. I’m a very happy mommy (and wife) today.

T got home quite early from work, so we ate lunch together in the backyard and I read a book while he brushed Marley. I showered (that’s a highlight these days) and even blow-dried my hair (double bonus)! We took a nap together and watched the Twins game with the dogs.

We’ve had a lot of super yummy healthy food to eat lately and LOTS of pasta, so T offered to head to one of our favorite bar food spots to get me what he knew I really wanted: a bacon cheddar cheeseburger with bbq sauce and fries. Yes. I ate the whole thing and the baby thanked me with somersaults of exuberation. I even had myself a half-can of Coke.

With all the backflips going on inside my expanding belly, I knew the time was now. I put T”s hand in place and we waited. Finally, he felt our baby. What a moment! I think I’ve been losing more fluid than I was last week, so I’m relieved that baby has a few puddles in there to continue to move around.

I have an appointment with the midwife tomorrow, so I’ll update everyone then.


One Response to “Somersaults”

  1. Ma T Says:

    Somersaults! Awesome! So glad T was home with you for the afternoon and evening. A rare occurrence these days, eh? We shall see you tomorrow sometime. Get the “to do” list ready!!
    Love yas. Ma T

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