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A life undefined by pPROM, prematurity and Cerebral Palsy.

One week! June 22, 2010

Filed under: Milestones — Aimee @ 1:17 pm

I’ve officially made it a whole week without going into labor after I ruptured last Tuesday. I am now 19w1d. I’ve been feeling really good physically, so there are times I feel guilty about laying around while everyone else does everything for me. But, I know it’s best for me and this baby.

I only seem to be leaking small amounts in the morning after I first wake up, so I think that is encouraging. I continue to feel the baby move, usually in the evening after dinner, and cherish those special moments with him/her.

I’m writing down questions to ask my midwife when I see her on Friday. What position should I rest/sleep in? Will we do another round of antibiotics before I go into the hospital? Who will my doctors be once I get there?

Mostly, I’m just trying to relax and keep my water bottle full!


3 Responses to “One week!”

  1. danielle Says:

    Hey hun,
    I hope that all stays well. The Gregoire’s are thinking of you. I loved feeling the babie’s move around, it is such a special bond that is only made with you and the baby. I always wondered what they where doing in there. I wish you and Tyler luck, I am sure that everything will work out just fine. You are lucky to have such special friends and family around to be there for you.

  2. Auntie Says:

    Hi Sweetie, I think of you constantly… And I am praying that everything will turn out wonderful, and I’m sure it will. Will keep your family in our prayers. Love you, Auntie

  3. Pa T Says:

    Congratulations on this milestone! What you are doing is very important, even if it doesn’t seem like work.

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